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High in quality, trailblazing and in demand across the globe: our family business has been a symbol of innovation in technology and services for over 30 years. Find out more
Innovative engineering, made in Germany

The specialist in paper recycling, from start to finish.

Custom-made systems construction, from non-stop sorting systems to conveyor and feeder technology, as well as metal and steel work in line with individual customer requirements.

Grumbach und Petermann GmbH (GUP) is a traditional company which implements innovative, individual technological systems for paper recycling. The family business was founded back in 1989 by Udo Grumbach and Hermann Petermann, who gave the company its name. The company specialises in the entire paper recycling process from start to finish, conducting the majority of the work with our very own machinery, produced in-house: when it comes to full systems construction, sophisticated conveyor and feeder technology, innovative grippers through to metal and steel work and even our mechanical non-stop sorting system PaperSpike®, GUP is the go-to company for bespoke solutions.

Just a few of our satisfied customers

PaperSpike® - cost-efficient & future-orientated

The patented innovative recycling technology for a sustainable future

When it comes to recycling, the main aim is to extract raw materials which are as pure as possible. To this end, PaperSpike® makes use of a mechanical non-stop sorting system, a system which we have developed in-house and patented ourselves: our company’s very own pride and joy!

What we offer

Technology for your future:
high in quality, innovative and sustainable

Recycling technology

Drawing on our decades of experience, we make the daily work routine of European recycling experts simple, efficient and lucrative.


We have an array of various appliances and systems as well as sophisticated machinery, and we take care of maintenance and repairs to boot.


PaperSpike® is our patented non-stop sorting system used to separate paper and cardboard whilst adding value.

New developments

We develop innovative, efficient recycling technology in close collaboration with the Grumbach waste management business.

Individual products

Our very own metalworking and processing shop is a valued supplier in the local industry.

Welding, drilling & assembling equipment

Individual equipment construction in line with your individual requirements

Our GUP team of experts is your first point of contact when it comes to the development and production of individual pieces of equipment: complex frames with brackets/clamps, in which an array of individual prefabricated parts can be fixed on by hand and then safely and precisely assembled, welded to a workpiece or kitted out with drill holes.


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