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PaperStar S

Our expert for the detailed work: PaperStar S comes into its own when separating out impurities and minuscule parts from mixed paper types. Even cigarette and medicine packets, bottle caps and individual scraps of paper can’t escape the grasp of our fine filter, or as we say, our “little one”.

PaperStar S gets this nickname from its rotating star discs, which are smaller than on the L version and mostly packed closely together. This means that it is able to sort out anything which falls below DIN A5 format.

No need to save space? Then increasing your throughput is easy by extending your PaperStar S to the length you desire. Low operating costs, minimal maintenance and a high degree of flexibility: it may be our “little one”, but it delivers an outstanding performance!

PaperStar S. GUP. Grumbach und Petermann GmbH.

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