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PaperSpike - Grumbach und Petermann


When it comes to recycling, the main aim is to extract raw materials which are as pure as possible. To this end, PaperSpike® makes use of a mechanical non-stop sorting system, a system which we have developed in-house and patented ourselves: our company’s very own pride and joy!

A cylindrical drum is the centrepiece of the PaperSpike® and it features spring-mounted spikes which give the device its name. How it works:

It goes without saying that our tried-and-tested development has our full backing, and then some: we can guarantee that every component functions in perfect harmony with the others thanks to the input and output conveyors, collection vessels and substructures. PaperSpike® can even be integrated into existing set-ups without a problem!

PaperSpike®. GUP. Grumbach und Petermann GmbH.

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