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We mean what we say: from PaperStar S to PaperSpike, our recycling solutions set themselves apart thanks to their robust construction which serves to protect the remarkably reliable technology inside. This means that downtime is practically unheard of. But, if you do experience a problem, we can be on the scene in a flash.

With the full potential of our in-house workshops, our maintenance and repair service is on hand to make sure that you never have to wait longer than absolutely necessary for optimal working conditions to be restored. In addition to servicing our classic in-house recycling machines, we can also help you should you experience any technical problems with devices made by other manufacturers, as a matter of course.

And what’s more: our team are acknowledged specialists in the hydraulics and pneumatic workshop. If you use these kinds of commercial vehicles and special machinery, then it’s highly probable that this is something you can’t do without. After all, only they can complete the assigned tasks in a reasonable space of time.

To ensure your top performers can get back to work as quickly as possible, we can ensure that your hydraulic and pneumatic components are professionally repaired – from elevating platforms and crane systems to scoops and grippers and even through to rakers. And we’re happy to help when it comes to specialist reports for things like accidental damage!


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