Dosing hopper

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Dosierbunker. GUP. Grumbach und Petermann GmbH.

Dosing hopper

Neither too little nor too much: if you like every variable in a process to be defined down to a T, then you’ll love our dosing hopper. This device enables materials to be supplied as desired and is an essential starting point in your recycling chain in many respects.

The huge dosing hopper is usually loaded with the desired material using a wheel loader until it is full to the brim. A conveyor belt and drum then ensure that the material reaches the next piece of machinery.

Whilst the drum can be manually operated in order to adjust the actual doses, the conveyor speed can also be determined as desired. These options guarantee a high degree of flexibility and make it easy to adjust the device to fit with various other connecting devices.

In order to get the dosing hopper precisely aligned with your individual requirements, we’d be happy to design and build a true specimen, in any size you desire.

Dosierbunker. GUP. Grumbach und Petermann GmbH.

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